Who we are

We are saggio life insurance co. we don't have too much experience in this sector but we are trying to focus & serve best comparatively plans , service's , ethical standard ambition , teamwork & growth . We focus the continuous support of all our customer, which enable us to reach milestone. We create value to fill real social needs and help nurture local communities.

We want across the entire range of our businesses, we deliver energy to customers, partners, and communities now and for generations to come to make our future more vibrant and sustainable.

Through the sound operation and development of the insurance business, Saggio will contribute to the realization of a society of affluence, vitality and longevity.

Under this philosophy, through conducting honest business operations and a sound financial base, we aim to become the most trusted and supported company by our stakeholders including our customers, and to grow sustainably and stably.

  • To our Customers: With the trust from our customers as the starting point of all our activities, we will provide optimal life security services to each and every person       through the sound management of the insurance business.
  • To our Business Partners: We will earn the trust and support of our business partners, and fulfill our social responsibility together with them.
  • To our employees: We will work on creating a company where each and every employee can continuously work with pride, confidence and enthusiasm.
          We will value a free and open corporate culture, where employees are filled with the spirit of challegning spirits.
  • To Society: We recognize our role and responsibility as a member of society, and will contribute to the creation of a healthy and enriched society, as well as the
          development of regional societies and the international society.
  • To the global environment: To support healthy lifestyles, we will constantly consider the impact of our business activities on the global environment and actively
          work on protecting it.
  • Vision

    1) Consistently & continuously providing advanced service & consulting
    2) Offer advanced products to enable customer to live vigorously
    3) Aim at achieving impressive customer services that always exceeds the customer expectations
    4) Provide an evolving support program to encourage a "healthy life" , "rich" and " happy golden years"

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