General Insurance

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General insurance or non-life insurance policies, including automobile and homeowners policies, provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event.

Life is full of surprises. There are times when you are caught unprepared and do not know what to do. Sometimes life takes a turn for the worst when you least expected it to. Your hard-earned money, which you saved for something special, is then spent in settling hospital bills or someone else's dues. Events such as hospitalisation, burglary, natural disasters, car theft, riots etc. can negatively affect your finances. It is in times like these that you wish for a blanket of protection that insulates you from the harshness of such events. General insurance is that blanket.

Health Insurance

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Health insurance is a plan offered by insurance providers that is designed to protect you financially when health problems arise. On one hand, issues with health have become unavoidable thanks to changes in the environment and lifestyle over the past few decades. Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't guarantee a healthy body these days.

Life Insurance

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Life Insurance, in simple terms, is a contract which is signed between an individual and an insurance provider, wherein the insurance provider guarantees to pay a certain sum of money (sum assured) in case of the insured individual's death. In order to avail this protection, the insured pays a certain amount as premium towards maintaining the policy.

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